Single Day Field Op

Our single day field ops are a one day experience, bringing the Veteran/Veterans out for an outdoor adventure for 4-8 hours.
The Op starts with a Muster of all involved to cover a safety brief and any administrative items to note.
As soon as the team is ready, we take off on the adventure.  This may be a day hike, fishing trip or hunting excursion.  The day is filled with teaching moments, discussing learning points through the day.  This empowers the Veteran(s) to better understand and form a deeper bond with nature.  The more you know and understand what mother nature has to offer the more likely one is to get back and enjoy it again.
After the team returns to base camp we discuss the event and make note of any extraordinary items.  The goal is to walk away from the day with another bit of knowledge about the outdoors and most importantly some inspiration to get back outside in the future.


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