Who We Are

Life is too short to let it control you.  Grab life by the reins, get out there and start enjoying it!
Here at Condition One we believe in the outdoors, hunting and good company.  We live our lives under the big sky of the open countryside.  Nothing makes a person feel more at peace than fresh air in the back country.  
Our mission as an organization is to help pass this lifestyle on to all that are willing to give it a try.  We challenge you to come join us.
The primary goal for Condition One is to introduce every Veteran to the therapeutic power found in the outdoors.  The three founders were out hunting together a few years back, each of them were down on life and sick of it.  It was in that moment they realized that through a sense of community and the outdoors there was alot to be greatful for.  Many Veterans experience swings in life.  The outdoors provides elevation to the mind and provides a true sense of pride in ones self. 
For those who have not had the opportunity to experience this feeling, Condition One is here to help.  This program is not a canned experience used for photo ops.  Every Veteran will earn their right to call themselves an outdoor enthusiast.  In turn this will create a lifestyle change and improve life.

Keep Exploring!