Sean's Story

Growing up in Montana the outdoor lifestyle is inherent. Starting at a young age the outdoors was a way of life for Sean.  Camping, hiking and hunting was a way for him, his family and friends to all come together and take in what wonders Montana had to offer.  This happened up through high school, where after graduation he joined the Marine Corps in 2004.

Sean spent his time in the Marine Corps working with some of the best men the world has to offer.  After a few getaways to Iraq and Afghanistan and a change in career aspirations Sean hung up the combat boots for school books.  After graduating from Montana State University in 2015 Sean began his career in the Finance and Technology fields.

One constant through this time was the desire and urgency to make the outdoors a part of life.  Sean continues to get into the mountains and prairies of Montana as often as possible.  While solitude and an outdoor adventure go hand in hand, Sean prefers to get outside with friends and family.  It is not only a lifestyle, but a community.  Whether it is planning out a hunt with a group of friends or meeting random people on the trail, Sean enjoys the sense of community with the outdoor lifestyle.  The Marine Corps and the outdoors are very similar in the sense that it is great on it's own, but elevated to another level with the full force of a community.


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