What is Condition One?

Back in 2011 the three of us were sitting in a make shift stick blind waiting for the ducks and geese to cup up and land in our decoy spread. The birds weren't moving and that sparked some conversation.  We started talking about making hunting videos.  We hunted deer, elk and birds of all sorts together.  Why not record it and try make something of it?  That idea started and ended with a failed attempt to record a turkey hunt.  We continued hunting and camping together, but the video idea had died.

Condition One Foundation is a non profit that brings Veterans outdoors as a form of therapy

Fast forward to the fall of 2017 in the Missouri River Breaks.  We decided to finally get back into this project.  We scouted a huge amount of area before finding a buck that was worth pursuing.  We stalked him out and harvested him.  We were fortunate to catch the whole hunt on film.  It was at that point we realized there is a much bigger message to talk about.  Hunting is not just going after an animal, it is time with friends in the back country.  It is open sky and hillsides for as far as the eye can see.  It is the best form of therapy you can find, no prescription required.

Our goal is to promote the outdoors and all that it stands for.  To us it revolves around hunting, camping and hiking.  The beauty of nature is there are no limitations.  Everyone should spend time in the outdoors.  Whether that is hunting, hiking, skiing, ice climbing, the list goes on, you MUST get outside!  

Condition One Foundation is a non profit that brings Veterans outdoors as a form of therapy

When you take that first step outside there is a part of your mind that is free.  There is nothing like it on this planet.  As you read this I hope you are either; A) thinking about a time or place that defines this idea to you or B) You are eager to get out and experience this for the first time.

The beauty of this lifestyle is there is no way to truly define it's meaning.  You can try explain it with all the words and pictures in the world, but the real feeling is not defined.  It is sitting down with a friend and saying "You remember that time we nearly had a heart attack to reach that summit?", you look at each other and both go back to that view and the rewarding feeling.  It is a deep, emotional connection with yourself and the outdoors.

Condition One Foundation is a non profit that brings Veterans outdoors as a form of therapy

We want anyone and everyone that is eager to exploit the finest part of life, the outdoors, to join us.  This is not a you or I conversation, this is not a lifestyle made for the individual.  This is a life choice that ties into a global community.  Try make the argument that this does not apply to certain individuals.  It is something that we can and should all benefit from.  Push yourself, get outside, make the best of every minute we have in our short time on this earth.

Adventure Is Our Therapy!